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Your source for all things cold climate chicken keeping

Taking care of chickens in northern climates comes with extra challenges.

We’re here to help.

Baby Chicks

Bringing home baby chicks for the first time or hatching your own? We have helpful tips to keep those new chicks alive, happy, and well.

Rainbow Eggs

We love our fancy rainbow eggs! Follow along on our journey of collecting heritage breeds and barnyard mixes to get the perfect shades of blue, green, pink and more.

Happy Hens

All of our best tips on chicken keeping so your hens are happy and healthy.

The Daily Chicken Run

Follow us on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to see what our hens are up to everyday!

Chicken Supplies

Everything you need to make a successful home for your chickens.

Chicken keeping help–even in the coldest of temperatures

Our chickens live near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada–so we know what it’s like to endure the cold and snow!

Our Chickens

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