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About Us

Hey! I’m Kristen

And I am obsessed with chicken keeping.

I might not have the prettiest or fanciest setup, but finally having my own flock of chickens is a dream come true! When I was a little girl my babysitter had chickens, and going with her to check on the hens and collect eggs was my favourite part of the day.

While I went on to have a career as first a music teacher, and then a content entrepreneur with my gardening blog, Shifting Roots, I never forgot my dream of having my own chickens. And once I learned that not all chickens lay white or brown eggs? I knew I needed my own flock.

Now that we’ve moved from the city to an acreage in the country, we have a small flock of 14 hens–and growing. Chicken math is real!

I hope this blog will answer many of your beginner questions in a friendly and easy-going way. I know I had TONS of questions when I first started raising chickens, and I’m still learning. (Don’t worry, I promise to share what I know!)

I also like to grow flowers and run a cut flower farm, Shifting Blooms, that specializes in weddings. In my spare time I like to read, bake bread, and take walks with my husband and 4 kids, ages 12, 5, 4, and 1.

Want to collaborate?

Let’s talk! The Chicken Cure is open for sponsored posts, brand collabs, and more.

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